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About Us

We are a learning and development consultancy offering assessment consultancy and a range of world class simulated business environments to leading organisations across the globe.

We have 25 years experience in the use of a wide range of simulations for business management. When deciding which simulation best meets the needs of clients, our impartiality allows us to select the right simulation.  We are able to offer business simulations of all types, board based, computer generated, combined and online, ensuring we deliver the right solution.

Simulations act as a flexible vehicle, where individuals and groups are compelled by the task of running a business. They can be integrated with other tools and methodologies to obtain a broad range of objectives. We have worked in the following areas:

Our approach enables you to:

  • Increase your understanding of key individual’s capabilities: in areas of core competence
  • Draw parallels between your organisation and the simulation using a structured learning and evaluation process
  • Address the definition and measurement of specific financial goals such as, profitable growth, cash management and shareholder value through simulation.
  • Run these simulations yourself, or run them with us and involve your specialists where appropriate
  • Access simulations online
  • Tailor generic simulations or develop a bespoke solution

Core Simulations our Clients use: