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Job Fit Assessment Reports

Profile XT™ Reports

Easy to Use

The Profile XT™ is conveniently administered on the Internet, so you can assess employees and job candidates anywhere there is Internet access, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Results are available immediately and reports can be shared with decision makers in any of your company’s offices, anywhere in the world. You can retrieve any or all of the variety of Profile XT™ reports at no additional cost, whenever you wish.
Several Valuable Reports

The Profile XT™ career personality assessment measures multiple facets of an individual’s attributes, abilities and attitudes. The results are presented in an organised, targeted format and produced in several different reports.  Each report serves a specific management purpose and addresses a particular human resources and organisational development need.

The Profile XT™ produces these informative reports:

  • Individual Reports – An Individual Report describes a person’s job-related traits and gives insight into where their job performance and productivity levels can be improved and developed.
  • Placement Reports – A Placement Report is used to put the right person in the right job. It measures an individual’s thinking style, behavioural traits, and occupational interests, giving the employer the ability to match the candidate to the top performers in the job. One of the most valuable features of the placement report is that it provides suggested interview questions that will help determine a candidate’s suitability for the position being filled.
  • Succession Planning Report – The Succession Planning Report provides a glimpse into the future. It compares an employee to all of the jobs in your company and indicates those where they have a good job match. With this information, you can help employees prepare for promotion and greater responsibilities by making sure they acquire the skills and experience needed to perform competently the jobs they will fill in coming years.
  • Candidate Matching Report – The Candidate Matching Report is helpful in narrowing your search as you seek to fill a position. It compares the attributes of several candidates to your Job Match Pattern and shows you which of them have the highest Job Match percentage. This helps to easily determine which of them you want to interview and progress to the next steps in your hiring process.
  • Coaching Reports – Coaching reports are a manager’s guide to helping the people they manage develop better work habits. The report suggests ways to improve a particular employee’s performance so that their productivity level is closer to that of the company’s top performers. Managers can utilise this report to develop their leadership abilities as they become more efficient at directing the development of their direct reports.
  • Job Analysis Reports – The Job Analysis Report describes in great detail, the type of person who has the right qualities and characteristics to fit a particular job. This report complements a standard job description that details the skills and duties the job requires. Together, they contain a ‘Total Person’ approach to describing the requirements of a particular position.
  • Graph Reports – Graph Reports provide a easy-to-read, visual representation of Job Match data.
  • The Profile XT is the assessment to use for a thorough analysis of people, responsibilities, and Job Match. It is an extremely valuable management tool that will help you build a stronger, more productive organisation and reach your important goals because you are putting the right people in the right jobs.

    Summary Reports – Give you a ‘snapshot’ of essential information about employees and job candidates.