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Mapping Organisational Capabilities

Organisational Management Analysis System™

360º Organisational Management Analysis (OMA) maps your organisation’s path to a prosperous future. The OMA process examines your company’s capabilities and provides insights to the alignment of employee groups with the company’s goals and objectives.

The Organisational Management Analysis, part of the CheckPoint 360 Leadership Development System, provides a collective summary of previously completed 360 evaluations in eight universal competencies and 18 skill clusters. – You can choose any groups or ranges of managers or selected the whole organisation.


  • Ineffective management practices
  • Poor communication
  • Inadequate leadership
  • Distrust of management
  • Inability to delegate
  • Low motivation
  • Lack of commitment
  • Stagnation of ideas
  • Low performance standards
  • Workplace conflicts.


  • Organisational Management Development.


  • Summarised information from all 360 individual surveys covering:


Communicating effectively
Listening to others 
Processing information


Instilling trust 
Delegating responsibility
Providing direction


Adjusting to circumstances 
Thinking creatively


Building personal relationships 
Facilitating team success

Task management

Working efficiently 
Working competently


Taking action
Achieving results

Development of others

Cultivating individual talents 
Motivating successfully

Personal development

Displaying commitment
Seeking improvement

Easy to use:

Time to Take: 10 – 15 minutes
Administration: Online or Pencil / Paper
Report Types: 1 Report
Results Turnaround: 24 – 48 Hours

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