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Business Simulations

Worldclass business simulations

We have business simulations to help companies large and small. We offer a variety of licensed and proven simulations, which are used by some of the largest Corporations and Business Schools across the world.

As well as their use as a powerful experiential business training tool, some of our simulations lend themselves extremely well to providing a rich environment for assessment.

Each of our simulations offer a highly engaging experiential learning experience – an interactive approach, with lots of active decision making, working against time and financial constraints – learning with a strong business focus.

Business simulation formats:

Physical board based simulations – These experiential, classroom-based learning programmes develop your people’s business acumen, leadership and accountability.

  • Making Finance Work - This suite of simulations model real business drivers and are centered on the financial workings of a ‘business’, demonstrating to everyone in your organisation how their decision-making affects your bottom line. Exploring the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement; along with the fundamentals of business planning and budgeting.

Computer based simulations – State of the art programs which can be utilised with a strategic perspective for experienced managers or as an operational challenge for junior management.

  • Online Business Simulation – This state-of-the-art online business simulation is designed specifically to help you recognise your strengths and evaluate your business decision making. Using a balance scorecard your team will measure your ability to create demand, earn a profit, satisfy customers, invest in the future, manage assets, motivate employees, and create wealth for your shareholders.
  • Bissim – This is a most realistic and highly flexible business simulation designed to give you a global view of all aspects of your business. Bissim can be integrated with other tools and materials which can be used to develop knowledge and new skills, or to assess or develop individual and team performance.

  • Simpact – This simulation is different to other simulations, with your teams representing both the board and an operational unit of your company, it provides an unrivalled mix of emphasis on both soft and hard management and team skills within a highly realistic business context.

Each simulation is designed to reflect the competitive, constantly changing business environment, the simulation lets managers, students and other professionals experience the excitement of running a business and competing in a challenging market.