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Learning Objectives

You can gear this simulation to achieve a wide range of objectives. The longer duration and more complex version of the simulation allows real immersion.

Participants will experience an all embracing view of the essential elements that form the fabric of a business.

In particular, participants will acquire knowledge and experience of :

  • The necessity for and the principles of effective teamwork
    • Process review can enable:
    • individual characteristics profiling and analysis
    • teamwork profiling and analysis
  • The driving pressures on a business and their effects
    • Visioning and Strategic planning
    • Long term and short term objectives and their conflicting tensions
    • Market conditions
    • Competition
    • Profitability and cashflow
    • Teamwork
  • How business works and the functional relationships within the business
    • impact of decisions made by differing parts of the business
  • The principles of business decision making
    • basic business strategies with their relevant risks and rewards
  • The interpretation and use of
    • financial,
    • marketing and
    • other business information

Learning addressed

In review each team presents their business performance as if to their ‘shareholders’ who are represented by the other teams, facilitator(s) and any attending senior managers. They also present ‘what really happened’ including business and teamwork/relationship issues as appropriate.

This reinforces personal learning and enables the sharing of this for others to reflect on and learn.

Facilitated discussion will enable parallels to be drawn between the simulation environment and your own business, ideally by an attending senior manager, enabling your control of the orientation of the learning points you are keen to address.

In addition to this, Bissim can be used to generate specific business improvement opportunities, so that with careful action planning and follow up, the simulation can give measurable financial benefits to the organisation.

Prerequisites for use in assessment

Whilst this simulation is ideally suited to assessment centre work and team building,  as areas of finance will be reviewed and applied, it is advisable (but not essential) that participants have either a basic knowledge of finance or have attended a fundamental business finance programme.

We would recommend Finance for Everyone.

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