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Participants analyse the current position of the business they inherit.

Objectives & strategies
They structure their team, create a vision, construct a mission statement, prioritise their stakeholders, set objectives and strategies, and a balanced score card.

First round decisions
The team will then make their first round decisions. Usually these are limited to a supply decision, a demand decision and a cost decision.

The first round’s decisions and results are usually reviewed to ensure all teams have an understanding of what happened and why.

Running the business
Teams will then continue to run their business for a number of rounds and are free to make decisions on all areas of their business. After each round they receive a computer generated printout showing:

  • Financial statements, key ratios
  • Qualitative data, such as, staff morale and customer satisfaction
  • Market summary, news and messages.

Reviews of the task, the process and other supporting inputs can be built in as needed.

Having run their business for a number of periods, the simulation is usually finished with an evaluation session.

Learning addressed
In review each team presents ‘what really happened’ including business and teamwork/relationship issues as appropriate.

Decision areas include:

  • Basic Principles (supply & demand)
  • Sales, Service & Distribution
  • Research & Development
  • Human Resources
  • Production & Supply
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Social Responsibility
  • Marketing
  • Exporting & Portfolio Management

Bissim is typically run over a 2-3 day period, the condensed version which involves less decisions can be run in a day.

Most clients use a version of Bissim that is tailored in some way. More simple versions of Bissim are available on request.

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