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Experiential Business Learning

In today’s corporate environment, the business acumen and financial literacy of your managers and employees is essential to your company’s success. Organisations who invest in developing business acumen have a competitive advantage as their people understand strategic objectives and how their day-to-day actions contribute to the bottom line.

When pilots fly new aircraft they are totally familiar with them before ever getting into the cockpit. The reason is they will have spent many hours practising on a simulator. When human lives are at stake (not to mention planes worth millions!) simulation is the best way to avoid expensive mistakes. The same benefits apply to business.  Errors are avoided and performance is improved through simulation.

Over the years, simulation has been proven to appeal to all types of learners as it accelerates knowledge and skill acquisition and ensures long-term retention.

We offer numerous world class simulations which model a broad range of industries, and are used by Multinationals to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

Using simulations as a business training tool will:

  • Make clear the financial implications of business decisions
  • Instill financial accountability
  • Provide a focus on delivering value
  • Encourage better decision-making by seeing the overall effects of their actions
  • Arouse competitive spirit
  • Free the drive to excel

Core simulations providing Business Acumen:

Income/Outcome Simulation

Online Simulation

The following simulations lend themselves extremely well to providing a rich environment for assessment:



Online Simulation