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Entrepreneurial Challenge

Course Overview

Entrepreneurial Challenge (3-4 Hours)
Understanding How Business Works.

Target Audience
Entrepreneurial Challenge
is a four-hour program that is designed for frontline employees, internal staff, support personnel and other individual contributors who need to understand how a business works and how their actions impact the company. Entrepreneurial Challenge helps those employees who don’t make business decisions but implement day-to-day activities that impact your company’s bottom line.

The business literacy training has played a vital role in our efforts to prepare our plant culture for employees to take more responsibility for running the business.
-John Mann, Michelin
 The Simulation Board
Entrepreneurial Challenge uses a scripted story of the start-up and expansion of a company, with problems of inventory build-up and falling prices; at the end, each team makes a different decisions on improving the business, and they get to see how the costs and benefits of the various options play out.
Benefits of Entrepreneurial Challenge
This program fits seamlessly with longer, more complex Income/OutcomeTM offerings; you can develop organisational alignment through a shared Language and a shared understanding of business across your company.

  • Read and understand Income Statements and Balance Sheets and know how they impact these reports
  • Make better choices in everyday activities leading to cost savings or increased profits
  • Build strong relationships with customers and suppliers by being able to talk the language of business
  • Understand how profit is made and what they can do improve bottom line results in their job