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Finance for Managers and Sales Professionals

Course Overview


Finance For Managers and Sales Professionals (2-Day)
Making better business decisions

Target Audience

Finance for Managers and Sales Professionals is a 2-Day program for managers, individual contributors, marketing, sales professionals or anyone needing to develop the business skills of budgeting, forecasting, break-even analysis, ratio analysis, income statement analysis, as well as understanding how they impact sales or your organisation.
There are a number of things I like about putting people through the Income/OutcomeTM game. You find out fairly rapidly who: understands financial numbers (many, many people do not), knows how to plan their business (pricing, competition, cost and cash flow), can devise a marketing plan (respond to the influences of the market place) and who did not bring any of these things with them and yet leaves with them.
-Bill Mccoy,
Curriculum & Capabilities Specialist, Retail Development & Capability Dept.
-BP Convenience Retail
 The Simulation Board
The simulation requires constant decision-making in all areas of the business – what prices to set, whether to increase capacity, how much money to borrow, what R&D options to pursue, how to improve prices and cost structure and cash flow.The 2-Day program allows for in-depth exercises in analysing the business, forecasting the future and improving bottom line results. The focus is on gaining practice in the use of key financial tools, the learning is immediately transferable to the real-world job.
Benefits of Finance for Managers and Sales Professionals
This program fits seamlessly with longer and shorter Income/OutcomeTM offerings; you can develop organisational alignment through a shared Language and a shared understanding of business across your company

  • Interpret operating reports and financial reports leading to better day to day decisions
  • Control costs, reduce inventories and working capital to add more profit to the bottom line
  • Analyse your customers, structure sales, look for profit opportunities
  • Analyse your suppliers, look for profit opportunities
  • Analyse your competitors, seek out the competitive advantages
  • Use historical and competitive bench-marking to improve your bottom line
  • Use the financial tools that will impact beyond their immediate work sphere to affect other departments, management, customers, shareholders and the bottom line.

Learning Objectives :: Course Outline