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Managing a Global Business

Course Overview

Managing a Global Business (3-Day)
Strategy, Planning and Decision Making.

Target Audience
Managing a Global Business is a 3-Day program for senior managers, executives, heads of finance, R&D, IT, operations, marketing, sales, senior account managers, senior site managers, and others who set the strategic direction of the company. This program provides a more complex experience than the other levels of Income/OutcomeTM with teams making decisions about new products, new markets, quality programs, as well as cost control issues. This simulation includes extensive exercises in decision making and strategy: Budgets, Cash Flow Forecasts, Break-Even Analysis, Income Statement Analysis, and Ratio Analysis (ROI, ROA, EVA).

I asked for 110% and we received 125%. I requested a program that would help bring people together and received a program that broke cultural barriers.
-Steve Andelman, BIC University
 The Simulation Board
Instead of being a single product sold into a single market, teams now have the opportunity to develop new products with different production cycles, cost structures, and demand cycles; and to sell into new markets whose buying dynamics may not be the same as the familiar home market. These dynamics help participants think strategically.

Benefits of Managing a Global Business
This program fits seamlessly with shorter, less complex versions of Income/OutcomeTM; you can develop organisational alignment through a shared Language and a shared understanding of business across your company.

  • Team decision-making in each of the major roles in an operating company: production, R&D, sales, marketing, management, and finance which builds a cohesive team environment
  • Developing a strategic plan, as well as reviewing and revising that in response to changes in the market place.
  • Setting up a long-term position in the marketplace, including introducing new products, setting up business units in new countries (or regions), and building specialised niche markets. This helps to faster, better decisions, increased communication and more productivity.
  • Preparing budgets and cash flow forecasts, break-even graphs with allocations of overheads. Helps to save money and increase cash flow and profits.
  • Using ratios and income statement analysis for benchmarking against the historical performance and against competitors. Helps senior managers understand key financial drivers that drive their corporation and how they can impact these key business drivers.