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Managing a Global Business

Course Outline

The Advanced Program includes:

  • Two and a half hours of facilitator-led simulation – introduction to business, financial statements, terminology, fixed and variable costs, managing cash flow and profit separately;
  • Sixteen plus hours of team competition simulation consisting of 6 decision-making cycles.
    Each cycle includes:

    • Competitor and market analysis
    • Formal and informal budget and cash flow exercises
    • Setting prices in a competitive market
    • Maintaining or expanding capacity
    • Introducing new product lines
    • Expanding into new markets
    • Creating income statements and balance sheets
    • Posting, comparing, and discussing results
  • Five hours of other activities – break-even analysis and the cost-benefit analysis of various improvements such as raw material cost reduction, increased labour efficiency, quality and customisation price initiatives;
  • Extensive discussion of Income Statement Analysis, and Ratio Analysis: ROS, Asset Turnover, ROA or RONA, EVA, Liquidity, Debt-to-Equity;
  • Discussion of net present value (NPV), discounted cash flow (DCF) and planning; and
  • Discussion and tie-backs relating simulation experience to your company concerns, measures and goals.

Course Overview :: Learning Objectives