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Online Business Simulation


These online simulations are driven by state of the art £1million business simulators that use powerful dynamic simulation models that replicate the fun and excitement of the real business world. Each simulation is a powerful way to learn how to compete and lead in a fast-paced and dynamic market where customers are demanding and the competition is working hard to take away your business. Our simulations are used by over 100 companies and numerous business schools globally.

Key Learning

  • See the big picture
  • Instil financial accountability
  • Cross functional teamwork
  • Focus on customer needs
  • Balanced scorecard as the measure of performance
  • Stimulate the competitive spirit and performance
  • Hands on learning

Participants will start a new venture and then gradually build the business. As they work through the business life cycle, new decisions and managerial content is being phased in as it becomes relevant to the current business situation. They will see how various tools and ways of thinking become useful as their business expands its operations and must take on new tasks and activities. In this way, the logic of business practices becomes more intuitive. Important activities like the strategic planning, creation of customer value, budgeting, and profit analysis are repeated throughout the exercise. This is the best way to develop the participant’s ability to think like a business person. This incremental approach with frequent repetition allows them to gradually absorb the entire complexity of a successful business and how to make effective business decisions.

Learning Objectives…