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Simulation Benefits

Simulation benefits

You will benefit from:

  • Highly flexible programmes where sessions can be easily adapted
  • Active engagement ensuring participants absorb course content
  • Fast paced energising and fun learning experience
  • Reduced training time
  • High learning retention

Applicable from top to bottom in the organisation

We offer different levels of business learning that target specific audience needs:

  • A tactful and well-regarded way to fill in the gaps of the financial education/experience of senior managers
  • Business literacy for everyone – a big picture understanding of how business works, and what it is trying to achieve, for non financial people
  • A rapid and practical way for managers to enhance their analysis and planning skills, for account executives to better understand their customers’ business, for individual contributors to improve their business minds

Simulation can reflect the real-world decision-making environment of the learning group, regardless of level within the organisation,

Organisational alignment

When used throughout the organisation, simulations build organizational alignment through the development of a common understanding of business – the dynamics, goals, and the metrics you use to determine success.

Flexible delivery options

  • Can be delivered with your accredited facilitators or ours
  • Network of international consultants – some programs are available in multiple languages
  • Modular design allows updates in dynamics, metrics, targeted business concepts, etc., without loss of continuity

Great Results

through an informal culture change:

  • Improved individual decision-making – leading to better bottom line results
  • Early identification of problems and opportunities
  • Increased speed and accuracy of communication
  • Enhanced interdepartmental respect
  • Deeper customer understanding
  • Greater buy-in for management initiatives and requests

You can use our simulations via

  • Intensive courses
  • Online learning
  • A blend of course and online learning