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H J Heinz

Heinz meanz business

H J Heinz – a global name in food manufacturing with many world-leading brands.

The client

We worked with HJ Heinz (World headquarters and European Division) to develop an objective, behavioural based assessment centre for middle and senior managers.

The business need

Managers who are rounded, achieve high performance and are able to drive the growth of international business. They must become more aware of strategic issues, their own abilities, the efficient use of resources, and better understand the contribution of others.

The challenge

To equip the organisation with a clear understanding of the strengths and developmental needs of middle and senior managers as they prepare for the leadership challenges that will face them in the future. Specifically the programme focuses on the capabilities of managers in the areas of, strategic thinking, delivery of outstanding results and becoming exemplary leaders/role models.

This is achieved through

  • An effective participant selection process
  • Pre-assessment training in specific areas where appropriate
  • A demonstrably fair, objective and transparent assessment process, which uses multiple data sources including 360° feedback, numeric and verbal reasoning tests, MBTI, career interview and 3 day assessment centre
  • Active involvement of key stakeholders in the business (Heinz Managers as assessors)
  • Measurement against defined competence model
  • Multiple assessment
  • Multiple assessors
  • Maintenance of high standards throughout the process
  • Coaching, provided during the assessment process
  • Rigorous assessment and integration of data gained from observations
  • A detailed personal developmental report for each participant
  • A 2 days developmental module, after which participants will be work in projects back in the workplace to deliver viable options for the business.

Skills & Competencies

The programme provides a highly dynamic and challenging business environment, which allow participants to:

  • Objectively understand and respond to changing consumer and customer needs
  • Develop winning strategies
  • Communicate a compelling vision
  • Foster innovation
  • Develop contingency plans
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity
  • Establish aggressive performance goals & standards
  • Prioritise and focus on ROI
  • Reliably deliver on commitments
  • Make timely high quality decisions
  • Deliver cost improvements
  • Demonstrate the ability to execute strategies
  • Engage the hearts and minds of others
  • Lead to achieve strategic outcomes in the right way
  • Inspire employees to a high level of performance and commitment
  • Demonstrate the value of diversity
  • Develop capabilities in others
  • Demonstrate commitment to self improvement and personal growth
  • Measure and recognise performance.

The Programme

A single residential module, which comprises 3 days assessment followed by 2 days development. The developmental piece is selected on the basis of it’s relevance to future organisational challenges and results in participants being assigned to specific international workgroup projects. The projects which are managed internally and are intended to deliver tangible outcomes for the business.

Integrated in Content

Functional, business and behavioural aspects are integrated in the programme.
Projects are live issues, which provide scope for participants to apply the learning and insights they have gained from the programme.

Innovative in Style

  • Challenging/dynamic
  • Intensive and “Hands-On”
  • Incorporating support from coaches throughout the programme
  • Stressing both group and individual learning

The Client’s Verdict

“The IDP offers, an effective way of assessing the competencies of middle and senior managers against the Heinz competency model. It provides a level playing field that enables us to make objective assessments.

In that it helped us to achieve our goals, the simulation certainly represents value for money. We would strongly recommend Infocus and their simulated environments to any company that wants to measure behavioural competencies at a single event, with the aim of providing feedback and development to its most valuable asset – its people”

“Our Verdict: A highly engaging and effective way of assessing competencies”

Marilyn Clarke, European HR Director, HJ Heinz