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The Client

Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET) – the world’s largest supplier of high-quality titanium metal products.

The Brief

Infocus was asked to put together and run a programme aimed at ensuring TIMET’s current managers had the capabilities to lead the company in the future.

The Solution

Using a board-based simulation, Infocus ensured other criteria, such as team building and that the group and individual’s understanding of TIMET’s global business environment, were met.

The Result

Participants set their own strategy, then simulated the manufacture and sale of goods in a highly-competitive marketplace. Performance targets are set and profit and loss accounts and balances prepared before actual performances are compared and discussed. Relevant issues as they relate to TIMET are also discussed.

The Client’s Verdict

“The programme enabled both a rational and emotional engagement and deep-seated learning to be achieved in a safe and enjoyable environment. Simulation goes down extremely well every time; it has helped us gain the understanding that is required. The programme provides us with exactly what we want.”

Alan Hickinbottom – Head of Global Learning and Development, TIMET.