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The client

Unilever - a global name in the manufacture of food, home care, and personal products with many world-leading brands

Unilever Financial Academy

Senior finance leaders partner for the creation of profitable growth

For this project we worked with Unilever’s Finance Academy to develop a challenging business simulation which contributes to the development of Senior Finance Leaders.

The business need

The finance profession needs to proactively drive profitable growth for Unilever. The Finance of the Future agenda ensures that finance professionals in Unilever are fully equipped to play a pivotal and influential role in managing the business for value. “The Leading Finance for the Future” programme provides an opportunity to explore these challenges in depth, whilst helping finance professionals to develop the strong leadership skills required.

The challenge

To equip those destined for the most senior leadership roles in finance to undertake their future roles focussing on:

  • Leading edge finance practices
  • Skills and competencies for effective partnerships with other leaders

Enrolment as Ambassadors and agents of change

Real contribution to the development of Finance of the Future agenda and capabilities

This is achieved through

  • In-depth exploration of the Finance of the Future agenda
  • Stretching input from credible external and internal experts
  • Leadership and partnership training based on MBTI principles
  • Immediate application in a very challenging business simulation – specifically enhanced to allow exploration of Finance of the Future Thrusts
  • Intensive individual and team coaching throughout the programme
  • Team projects, applying Finance of the Future Thrusts to live business issues
  • Open and challenging dialogue with finance and business leaders

Skills & Competencies

The programme provides a working knowledge of a number of specific new aspects of/approaches to the following skill areas:

  • Partnering through decision support and provision of business models
  • Continuous performance monitoring and management of the business planning process
  • Accounting operations
  • Information Management
  • Treasury management

The course is strongly focused on developing partnering/influencing and leadership competencies.

The Client’s Verdict

“Leading Finance for the Future” (LFF) is a highly innovative development programme, whose power lies in the concentrated interaction of its constituent functional and behavioural strands.  At the heart of this experience is the simulation, which provides a series of opportunities to explore the challenges and solutions covered on the programme in intensively coached “business teams”.

One of the key success factors in this vital partnership has been Infocus’s skill (and flexibility) in continuously adapting the simulation to reflect the evolving needs of our Finance agenda.  They work seamlessly with Academy team members, who double as role-players in the simulation.  They are also exceptionally good at challenging teams to think “out of the box” – and then finding ways, often under extreme time pressure, to accommodate even the most challenging forms of senior management “creativity” within the simulation.”

Paul Baumann, VP, Finance Academy, Unilever