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Technology Systems for Human Resources

We have a toolkit for creating web functionality. Whatever your process, we are able to underpin it with contemporary technology – to trigger, drive, sustain and enhance the behaviours needed for exceptional performance, and to collect and manage quality data.

  •   As a configuration tool it creates functionality; is not limited by it
  •   Integrates with multiple other applications; you don’t have to replace what works
  •   Guaranteed upward compatibility; no matter how much we configure to your needs
  •   Real-time adaptability and flexibility; applications can grow with you
  •   No imposed functionality

Our tool, HR Pulse, is specifically different to:
    a) Major HRIS-based process applications
    b) Option-based configured applications
    c) Custom software


HR Pulse® – Best-fit HCM Software

Leading organisations have unique needs that continually evolve due to internal and external changes.  In order to stay competitive, they learn to adapt while protecting the integrity of their culture and business processes.  Unfortunately, many HCM software applications cannot keep step with this type of organisation, forcing their clients to make concessions where their culture and business outcomes are then compromised.


The Strategic Choice

HR Pulse is an application development platform with which client-specific software solutions are developed and are delivered using in-house and SaaS (software-as-a-service) models.  Not limited to pre-defined options, HR Pulse creates functionality on top of core code, allowing for rapid deployment of client-unique systems without the risks and costs associated with traditional custom software implementations.  This means that every HR Pulse application evolves with the client – reflecting changes in priorities; increases in the sophistication of users; demands for new metrics; the addition of new processes; integration with other applications; etc.

In its 9th release, HR Pulse has been used to build hundreds of client-specific HR applications. Through analysis of each client’s business drivers, challenges, and culture, the HR Pulse project team ensures that each client receives nothing less than an overall “best-fit” technology solution, uncompromising service, and superior outcomes.

HR Pulse underpins processes and data management in six critical areas of HR: Performance Management, Talent Management (including Succession Planning, Career Management), Organisational Development, Development Management, Reward and Compensation, and Business and HR Metrics.



HR Pulse applications include features that discerning clients expect from advanced web-based technology. These include the following:

  • In-House and Managed Hosted Options
  • Existing HRIS and Single Sign-on Integration
  • Extensive and Proven Security
  • High Scalability
  • Dynamic Data-driven Platform
  • Robust Reporting Engine
  • Content Independence
  • Multi-Lingual / Multi-Cultural Capability
  • Role-Based Configuration
  • Workflow Management
  • Powerful Search and Data Extraction Tools



HR Pulse’s unique architecture offers clients substantial value without the complexities and costs associated with large enterprise systems. The benefits of using HR Pulse include the following:

  • No processes are imposed; instead, the exact requirements that underpin clients’ preferred processes are fulfilled
  • Instead of merely configuring predefined options, functionality is created
  • Upward compatibility is guaranteed, no matter the amount of unique client configuration
  • Implementation time is greatly reduced – configuration; not customisation
  • A user-friendly interface that has been proven to ensure accurate data completion, employee engagement in the system, and adherence to internal deadlines
  • HR Pulse applications require no non-administrator training; users find them intuitive, easy and engaging to use.